Drogbas contract with the Blues will be renewed in the next season, but the club will have to pay the price for it. The player has already stated that he wants to stay at the club, but his contract is not long enough. The club has to pay a lot of money for this.
Danyloprus is a young player, who has already become a star of the club. The contract of the player is not very long, but it is obvious that the club is not going to let him go.

The club has already made a lot out of the young player. He is a good finisher, who can score a lot. The fans are waiting for him to become a key player of the team.
Will Drogba renew his Chelsea contract?
Dyadmir is a player who is loved by the fans. He has already scored a lot for the club and became a key figure of the squad. The Blues are not going anywhere, but Dyadmir wants to leave the club in the future.
The player has a long contract, but he wants a new one. The cost of the renewal is high, but Chelsea has to take it. They have to make a transfer that will be beneficial for the team and the player.
It is obvious, that the player will not stay at Chelsea for long. He wants to go to a top club, where he can show his skills.
Who will replace Dyadir?
The Blues have a lot to do, but they have a good squad. They can be one of the main contenders for the champion title. Dyadiri is a key member of the Blues, who is capable of scoring a lot, and the club has a lot more money.
However, the club needs to find a new striker. The team needs to get rid of the problem of the lack of goals. Dyedir is a great finisher and can score many goals.
If the club does not want to lose Dyediri, they should make a move for him. He can become a good replacement for the player, but a new contract is needed.
Chelsea’s chances of winning the champion league
The team is in a good shape, and they have the potential to win the champion. The players are in good shape and are in a great mood.
This season, Chelsea has a good chance of winning. The main problem for the Blues is the lack in goals. The squad has a number of leaders, who are capable of filling the gaps.
In the next seasons, the main goal of the management of the Chelsea is to get into the Champions League zone. The management has already started to work on this, and it is clear that the team will be able to do it.
They have a number players who are ready to take the team to the next level. Dyabne is a very good finishers, who scores a lot and is a leader of the defense. The young players are also ready to do their best.
New season for the Londoners
The new season of the London team is coming. The new coach has already given a lot in the transfer market, and now the club can focus on the Champions league.
Of course, the new season is not the time to relax, but this does not mean that the management does not have a bright future. The coach has a great squad, which can be strengthened. The Chelsea is in good condition, and this is a sign that the players are not tired of winning trophies.
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Main rivalries of the EPL
The main rivalries in the English Premier League are:
1. Liverpool. The Reds have a great lineup, which is capable to score a great number of goals and to win many trophies. The rivals of the Reds are Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester City.
2. Chelsea. The current champion of England has a very strong lineup, and many leaders are ready for the fight.
3. Arsenal. The Gunners are a great team, which has a bright lineup. They are capable to win a lot with a good game.
4. Manchester United. The Red Devils have a very bright lineup, but sometimes they are not able to score goals. They need to improve their game. The competitors of the Red Devils are: Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, and Manchester United, who have a high chance of getting into the playoffs.
5. Manchester City is a team that is capable not only to win trophies, but to do so in a very short time.
All the Epl results of your favorite clubs
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