European Cup final: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

The final of the Champions League was a real treat for fans of both teams. Real Madrid and Atletico faced off in the final of this tournament, and it was a true pleasure to watch the game.
The first half of the game was dominated by the Royal Club, which managed to score a number of goals, and Atletos were not able to do the same. The game ended with a score of 3:2.
Both teams played very well, and the game ended in a comfortable manner for both teams, which is a good sign for the future.

The match was held in the stadium of the Royal club, which has a capacity of 50,000 spectators. The attendance of the fans was about 35,000.
Atletico Madrid was the main favorite of the match, and managed to win the match with a comfortable score of 2:1.
Real Madrid got the following results:
1. Good start.
2. Long balls of Cristiano Ronaldo.
3. Good teamwork of the players.
4. Excellent teamwork of players from the team.
5. Individual skills of the team leaders.
6. The team was able to control the game and score goals.
7. Real Madrid’s attacking football.
8. Atletico’ss defensive football.
This is the result of the teamwork of many players. The main players of the club are:
* Diego Simeone;
* Ronaldo;
• Ramos;
· Marcelo;
and Kroos.
It is worth noting that Atletico has a number 1 and 2 in the ranking of the number of points scored in the Champions league.
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Champions League final: the results of the first half
The Champions League final was held on the 20th of May in Kiev, Ukraine. The match between Real Madrid, the main club of the Spanish capital, and Manchester United, the team of the United Kingdom, was held.
After the first round, it was clear that the teams would play in the second half of this competition. The first half was dominated not only by the teams of the Old World, but also by the newcomers.
In the first part of the tournament, Real Madrid managed to get the following result:
· Long balls.
· Good teamwork.
This was the result that the team was looking for.
United got the first place in the standings, and this is the main reason for the success of the English team. The team of Jose Mourinho managed to play well, but it was not enough to win.
Manchester United managed to finish in the third place, and they will have to fight for the next places in the championship.
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Main favorites of the final
The main favorites of this match were:
● Real;

● Manchester United;
but the main trump cards of the teams were:
● long balls;

​​● good teamwork;
● individual skills of players.

The game ended 1:1 in favor of Real Madrid. The score of this final was 3:1, and Real won with the score of 5:1 (2:1 for Ronaldo and 3:0 for Zidane).
The following results were the main favorites:
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Results of the second part of Champions league
The second part was held between the teams from the Old and New World. The following results can be found on the statistics website:
In this match, Liverpool and Bayern Munich were the favorites. The results of this game were: 1. Great start. 2. Long balls from the leaders. 3. Good teamwork between the players of both clubs. 4. Individual skills. 5. Good football. 6. Individual skill of the leaders of the clubs. 7. Liverpool’slackness. 8. Excellent football. 9. Liverpool was able not to score. 10. Bayern Munich was not able not score.
Liverpool was the favorite of this second part. The club of Jurgen Klopp managed to start the match well, scoring a number 2 in a few minutes. The second half was more difficult for the team, but the players were able to finish the match in a convincing manner.
Bayanyahu Munich was the second favorite of Champions, and was able only to score 2:0.
Here you can find the live scores of the games.

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