The aircraft landed safely after the incident which happened at 19.45 local time.

The plane was carrying a group of journalists from the German news agency, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The crew of the aircraft was trying to land at the airport in the city of Wiesbaden, but they were not able to do it.
According to the information received, the plane was on its way to Frankfurt, but it was forced to make a detour to the city because of a technical problem.

The crew of this aircraft managed to make it safely to the ground. However, the situation was not as simple as it may seem, because the aircraft had to make an additional landing.
It is worth noting that the aircraft landed without any problems. However the situation with the journalists was not so easy. The plane was forced by a technical issue to make the second landing. The first one was successful, but the second one was not.
This is the second time in a row that the crew of a German aircraft was forced not to land. The situation with this aircraft is not the best, but this is not surprising, because this is the most popular and expensive model of the German airline.
German airline’s latest crisis
The situation with German airline is not so good. The company has a number of problems, but there is still time to fix them. The most important of them is the fact that the company does not have enough money to fix the problems.
As a result, the company is forced to use a number the of planes, which is not enough for the company’ situation.
Another problem is the lack of a proper management. The CEO of the company, Andreas Zeller, is not able, at this stage, to solve the problems of the airline. He has to do his best to fix it, but he is not in the best shape.
However, the crisis of German airline has not stopped yet. The airline is still trying to fix problems, and the situation is not getting better.
What to expect from the company in the future
The crisis of the carrier is not a surprise, because it is not very long ago that the CEO of German company, Ulrich Beyer, was fired. The reason for this is that the management did not do its best to solve problems of German carrier.
In the future, the problems with the company will not be solved in a short time. The problems with German carrier are not limited to the financial ones. The main problem is that German company does its best not to lose money.
For this reason, the CEO is not giving any chances to the company to improve its situation. The management of German airlines is not doing its best, and this is why the situation in the company continues to deteriorate.
If the situation continues to worsen, then the situation of German companies will get worse, too.
All the latest news from the world of German aviation
The German airline company is not alone in this situation. In the world, there are a number German companies which are not doing their best.
One of the most famous of them are Lufthansa. The German airline was founded in 1894. The current CEO, Max Hohenstein, is a former CEO of Lufthy.
At the moment, the management of the Lufy is not performing well. The problem is not limited only to the finances, but also the management is not meeting the expectations of its customers.
Recently, the Luchy has been criticized for not doing the best in the face of the competition. The criticism is justified, because Lufly has not been able to meet the expectations.
Lufthas problem is obvious, because at the moment the company has only two Boeing 777-8s. This aircraft is a new model of this model. The previous model was a 777-200.
Despite the fact, that the new model is much more expensive, the number of seats is the same. The 777-7s are also not enough. The number of passengers is also not high, which means that the airline does not meet its customers’ expectations. The new model has a range of 4,000 kilometers.
Due to this, the cost of the ticket is much higher. The tickets are sold at the price of about $1,200. This is a lot of money, and it is a problem for Lufty.
Of course, the problem is also the number and quality of the seats. The seats are not comfortable, and they are not enough to satisfy the customers. The customers are also fed up with the fact they do not get to see the whole world.
There are a lot more problems with Lufyth management, but these are the main ones.
Latest news on the world aviation
There is a good chance that the situation will not improve in the near future. The Lufry will not get better, because there are problems with management, too, but not enough problems to solve them.
A number of reasons can be used for this. One of them, is the poor performance of the management. Another reason is the low number of new planes. The last problem is a lack of management.
These are the reasons why the Lüfen company will probably not get any better. The only chance for the Luefy is to find a new owner.

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