Manchester United and Chelsea are not going to the Champions League next year.

Manchester United and Chelsea are not going to the Champions League next year. The Red Devils are in a crisis, and the Blues are not in the best shape.
The Premier League table is also not very convincing for the Red Devils, who have a good chance of winning the title.

The team’s chances of winning are not very high, because:
1. The team has a poor squad. The main players are not able to play in the Champions league.
2. The main rival of Manchester United is the team of Jose Mourinho.
3. Chelsea is not in a good shape. The team does not have the best players, and many of them are not ready to play at the top level.
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Champions League Table
The Champions League table looks quite convincing for Chelsea. The London club has a good opportunity to win the title, but it is not going well.
In the last season, the team was very successful in the tournament, and it was able to win all the trophies it could. The last victory of the team in the competition was in the final match of the season.
However, the previous season was not a success for the Chelsea. It was not able not only to win, but to do it convincingly.
This time, the Blues have a chance to win. The following factors can help them to do this:
* Good selection of players in the team.
* The coach’ decision to play the game with the minimum number of substitutions.
It is important to note that the team has not lost a match in the group stage of the tournament.
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Live Results of Matches
The previous season, Chelsea had a good result in the matches of Champions. The club won the tournament for the second time in a row, and this time it was not in vain.
Of course, the club was not at the peak of the Champions, but the results were good. The previous season the team had a very difficult group, but managed to win in the last round.
Now, the Chelsea results are not so good. In the Champions group stage, the players of the club were not able even to get to the playoffs.
But the team still has a chance of getting into the playoffs, because it is still in the top 4.
Team’ Results in the Group Stage
In this season, Manchester United was not so successful in its matches. The Mancunians had a difficult group stage in the international tournament. However, in the end, the results did not justify the efforts of the coach Jose Mourinho to get into the top four.
Despite the fact that the results in the domestic championship were not so impressive, the season ended in the first round of the Europa League.
Many fans and experts believe that the season of the Mourinho’ team will be very difficult. The coach of the Red devils has not been able to get the best results, and now the team is not able win the Champions.
If the team does win the Europa league, then the team will not be able to enter the Champions next season. This will be a real disappointment for the fans.
English Premier League Table at the End of the Season
The current season of English Premier League is not very successful for the teams. Manchester United lost the title for the first time in the history of the English Premier league. The season ended with a defeat in the semi-final stage of Champions League. The results of Manchester City were not very good too.
At the end of the current season, it is clear that the teams are not at their peak, and they are not the best in the world. The English Premier is not a place where the teams can win trophies, so the teams need to change their ways.
Manchester United is not the only team that is not so confident in the current championship. Arsenal is also in a bad shape, and Liverpool is not doing well either.
So, the English championship is not as successful as the other championships of the Old World.
Main Favorites of the Next Season
Manchester City is the main favorite of the upcoming season of Premier League. It is the club that has the best chance of entering the Champions’ League next season, because the team plays in the strongest league in the Old world.
City has a very good squad, and if the team wants to win trophies in the future, it needs to strengthen the team and get rid of its weaknesses.
Arsenal is also a team that can enter the top-4 of the Premier League next summer. The Gunners have a very strong squad, which can play in any tournament. It will be interesting to watch the team”s matches, because they are very unpredictable.
Liverpool is also one of the main favorites of the new season of football. The Merseysiders have a strong squad that can play at any tournament, because of the following reasons:
· Excellent selection of football players.

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