Cristiano Ronaldo will renew his contract with Manchester United?

Cristian Ronaldo has been a mainstay of the Portuguese team for many years. He is a player who is loved by his team-mates, which is why he is able to get the necessary points in the competition.
The Portuguese forward has recently been in the headlines for a few reasons. First of all, he is the winner of the Champions League. He managed to get into the playoffs, where he was able to score a goal in each match.
However, the most important reason is the fact that he is a free agent. The club has already signed him for the next season, and he will be able to decide his future on the field.
It is worth noting that the club has a good chance of signing the player. He has already won the Champions Trophy, and it is obvious that he will not be able not to win the next one.
Will Cristiano Ronaldo renew his United contract?
This summer, the club was able not only to sign the best players, but also to get rid of the ones who were not able to fulfill the requirements. The most notable of them are:
* Nemanja Matic;
* Anthony Martial;
* Anthony Davis.
This is why the club will be very happy to get a player of Cristiano’s class. The Portuguese forward is able not just to score goals, but to do it in the most difficult of competitions.
So, what are the advantages of signing a player like Ronaldo?
The main advantage of signing Ronaldo is the possibility of getting a good price. The player has already managed to become a main star of the team, and this is why it is not surprising that the price is so low.
Moreover, the player has a contract with the club that will last for a long time. This will allow him to decide whether he wants to continue playing for the club or not.
In addition, the team has a great opportunity to get other players who can improve the team’ performance. For example, the following players can be signed:
· Aaron Wan-Bissaka;
· * Fred;
·* Nolito.
All these players will be a good addition to the team and will help to improve the results of the club.

Will Manchester United sign Cristiano?
It has been almost a year since Cristiano joined the team. The previous season, the Portuguese player managed to score over 100 goals. However, this season, he managed to break the 100-goal barrier for the first time.
Also, the players are happy with the results, and the club is expecting the best from the player in the future.
For example, he will have the opportunity to play in the Champions league. The team will be happy with this, because the club won the Europa League.
If the club wants to get more points in matches, it will be necessary to strengthen the team in the next matches. This is why Cristiano will be an excellent addition to Manchester United.
You can always follow the news about the club on the sports statistics website. It is easy to do this, and you will be the first to learn about the results from the club and other events.
Main football results of Cristian Ronaldo
The season has already ended, and there was a lot of interesting football results. The main football results are:

* 100 goals scored;
* 100 assists;
* the victory in the Europa league.
These results are very impressive, and they can be seen on the website of sports statistics.
One of the most interesting events was the victory of the Manchester United in the EPL. The players managed to take the first place in the standings, and even they lost a little in the end.
At the same time, the main goal of the season was achieved. The United managed to win a place in a group with:
• Liverpool;

• Chelsea;
• Arsenal.
They managed to beat the last team of the championship, and at the same they managed to do so without losing points.
Consequently, the results were really impressive.
What are the main football goals of the new season?
Now, the Manchester united have a lot to do. The first thing they should do is to strengthen their defense. This can be done by the signing of Fred.
As for the attack, the only thing that is needed is the acquisition of a good striker. This player should be able, among other things, to score the goal.
Another thing that the team needs to do is the improvement of its results in matches. For this, it is necessary to get some points in each of the matches.
That is why Manchester united will be really happy to sign a player from the Portuguese national team. This summer, Ronaldo managed to achieve a lot, and now he will help the team to get points in every match. The following football results can be found on the site of sports results.
How to follow the results?
You will be aware of the results in the match when the team plays. For that, you need to go to the website. The information about the team is updated in real time, and therefore, it allows you to learn the latest news.

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